Horoscope for 2018 Cancer

Representatives of the Cancer sign will place high hopes on this difficult year. True, it will be very difficult to achieve great success, because at the beginning of 2018 a rather small number of crayfish will engage in individual activities, and most will work in a team, in offices or in enterprises where it will be incredibly difficult for Raku to show his personal qualities and achieve even a small success . The problem is in caution and even some fear of taking risks, losing a low-profit but stable place.

Only young Raki will be at risk, and they can not achieve what they want because of the lack of a core, which can finally disappoint those people who stop believing in justice.

Nevertheless, at the end of spring, Cancers have an excellent chance to solve their problems at the expense of others. People of this sign of the Zodiac can successfully marry or marry, and do so not because of love, but for their own well-being. In addition, at this time Cancer can rely on the help of close relatives who can solve their financial problems, or arrange for a high-paying job.

In the summer, Cancers should just work and go to their goal, while others relax and rest. However, at this time there is a risk of pain and the detection of tumors in the body. All this can significantly affect the further life of people of this sign of the Zodiac and distract from the realization of their plans.

If the Raki planned large purchases for 2018, then they will be realized in August or September of this year, as Saturn will favorably influence the development of the financial sector of Cancer. Moreover, Raku should not rely on advice from the outside, but show more independence, which will help not make a mistake in the choice. In September and October this year, it is worth planning for repairs or building a house, as well as buying a car. Do not lend money even to people you know well, because the money borrowed during this period will not return, and you will be litigated.

Much more optimistic will be given to Cancers in October and November 2018. This period of cancer will be popular, will become a lot of communication, get acquainted with new and interesting people. Moreover, this person will have bad creative abilities, which the representative of this sign of the Zodiac himself will not put on a financial basis. Perhaps, the hobby will soon become the main income of this person and will be able to provide it for many years. It’s better to devote the end of the year to the travels and arrangement of your personal life, because Raku will not have enough warmth throughout the year.

Love Horoscope for 2018 Cancer

Crayfish from the first days of the year will seek to find their ideal. These people at the end of the previous year set themselves a difficult task to become happy next to a loved one and from the first month will rush to their goal. But it will be more difficult to realize that Cancer does not know to the end what kind of person he needs. Even with an incredible charm that makes it possible for almost any person to turn a head, Cancers will be illegible, often capricious and demanding, and it will not be easy for partners to please this person, which will destroy still fragile relations.

The coming 2018 is also interesting because Cancer will not rush to enter into intimate relations indiscriminately, but will carefully choose and even reward with a love and sexual energy partner that they like.

The most interesting thing in the life of a representative of this sign of the Zodiac may occur closer to the summer or directly in June 2018, when Cancer will go on vacation to one of the closest countries, where he will fall in love with a man who fully submits. Such a transformation will greatly change the cancer itself, which will be liberated, since now it will have real support and protection. The period of love is characterized by a creative impulse, which will be the key. Some crayfish even become famous for their talents, manifested in the summer of 2018.

The truth of this all-consuming love can be the downside. Completely submitting to the partner and ceasing to be for him a mystery and a forbidden fruit, Cancer risks becoming only an object of sex for his partner, and obey any of his whims. But at the same time, love in this pair risks becoming one-sided and in the middle of autumn the representatives of crayfish will find it difficult to achieve reciprocity from their beloved person. As a result, Cancers will be in a very difficult situation, when they can not abandon a loved one, but they will not be able to achieve reciprocity.

At the end of the year, people born under the sign Cancer, can be lonely and very unhappy, which will affect the nervous system of these people. If the right shoulder, friends and relatives are not around, these people can be depressed for a long time. These people should be helped and distracted as much as possible. But, perhaps, the meeting that will take place under the new year, will open a new breath for the people of the sign Cancer. It is very likely that next year will become much happier for these people.

Horoscope of health for 2018 Cancer

Representatives of the Cancer sign from the first days of the coming year will feel tired and broken. Many people of this sign will be tormented by insomnia and lack of appetite, and in an appendage there will be irritation to everything. All this will be the result of fatigue, because all of last year the Raki worked without rest, which would greatly weaken their immunity and provoke a number of diseases. These people need to urgently take a full vacation and relax, perhaps in a sanatorium where you can undergo a course of treatment in parallel.

In summer and from the beginning of autumn Cancers should be afraid of the appearance of allergic reactions, the nature of which will be known. It is necessary to undergo a full course of examination and thoroughly ascertain the cause of the disease.
End of the year is worth spending on caring for your appearance. At this time, it is especially worth paying attention to physical exercises, as well as preventing the appearance of wrinkles.
Horoscope career in 2018 Cancer

People born under the sign of Cancer, in order to achieve career growth or to gain a firm foothold in a professional team, it is necessary already from the beginning of the year to think about improving their own qualifications. Increasing higher education or additional courses will help people of this sign of the Zodiac feel savvy in any professional matters, and therefore, feel free and relaxed, which is sure to be noted by the top management, already at the end of summer offering to take a management position.

More tense in career development will represent the end of the year. On the psyche of Cancers will begin to be strongly influenced by nervous overexertion, which will entail many diseases. In addition, Cancers should be prepared for numerous inspections, collection and audits, which will entail considerable penalties to Rakam. Perhaps there is an action of competitors who do not want to see Cancer in this position….

Financial horoscope for 2018 Cancer

Representatives of this sign of the Zodiac in 2018 will be more than ever resourceful. These people will appreciate the money they have earned and their relatives and will not waste them. People of this sign should keep their money, not lend, especially large amounts, since they are most likely not returned to the owner.

Having a large amount of money, Raku already by the middle of the year will have a great opportunity to dispose of money so as to provide for himself and his family for a long time. Perhaps Cancer will profitably invest money or because of this amount will open its own business and purchase equipment. In addition, the financial condition of the Rakov at the end of the year will be influenced by one of the relatives, helping financially and thus eliminating Cancer from the debt credit pit into which this person would otherwise fall.
Children’s horoscope for 2018 Cancer

From the first months of 2018, the child Cancer appears as a very painful baby, who runs the risk of missing school hours, which will affect his school performance. In addition, these babies can be whimsical, and it will be very difficult for parents to struggle with their egoistic inclinations.

With the onset of the summer, older children, Raki, graduating from school, before their peers risk being carried away by the opposite sex, which will also affect their character and attitude towards learning. During this period, it is worthwhile to show both moderate severity and understanding and help the child find the golden mean.

At the end of the year, these babies can be very vulnerable and attached to the parent of the opposite sex. Parents of these children should talk with children more often and guide them through life, giving wise advice, but at the same time, pushing for independence.

Horoscope of travel for 2018 Cancer

Not every cancer will allow itself to fully rest in 2018, having gone on a trip. The fault of all will often be lack of time and finances, and therefore Cancers, especially in the first half of the year, will choose their native country for their travels, especially bus tours or rest on the beach with patches. The truth here is also a huge field for studying and aesthetic pleasure, because if you want, you can see your own country from a special angle.

The second half of the year will be more productive in terms of recreation and travel. These people will gladly go to Cuba or to the countries of the European Union, especially to the northern countries: Denmark, Sweden or Norway. These people will be attracted to both the geysers of Iceland and the fjords of Norway. True, most of the Rakov will go on vacation to the coast of Russia or to the Crimea.
Wedding horoscope for 2018 Cancer

Sensual personages of Cancer, will very easily agree to marry. This year is incredibly suitable for connecting with a partner and consolidating their feelings through marriage. Moreover, Cancers, together with their partners, can even get married in the church, which will only unite these people more.

Passionate and sensual Cancers will so conquer their partners with a hot temperament and sexual energy that the partner will not soon be able to move away from a pleasant shock. But meanwhile, Cancers are very eccentric natures, which means that the couple expects a long period of grinding with their partner. Cancers are very jealous, which means it’s worth keeping an eye on your behavior. The best time for marriage will be the beginning of the year, January, February and March, as well as October 2018. It is worth waiting, in the case when the moment of marriage falls on the summer months.

Women’s horoscope for 2018 Cancer

Rakini in 2018 will appear all sensual and even fatal individuals that will seduce even married men and take them away from the family. True, already from the first months of the year, the intolerance and frequent disruptions of this capricious lady will be thrown into the face, which will create incredible scandals and verbal battles, which not every man can withstand. These women will need a real brutal, who will not give in to Rakin, and after a deafening scandal pacify her in bed.

The second half of the year, these women will spend much more quietly. Perhaps this will affect the full employment and lack of time for empty conversations and scandals. A Cancer woman will be passionate about work, and household chores will take away the lion’s share of time. The end of the year will be marked by the adoption of some important decision that will determine the woman’s future life for this sign of the Zodiac, for several years ahead.

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