Horoscope for December 2017 Cancer

As follows from the horoscope in December 2017, in the personal life of Rakov, everything will go well. In families, peace and peace will reign. True, this harmony can complicate relations with close relatives. Although serious problems should not be expected, but small quarrels and grievances will be very likely. It is possible that you will be visited by relatives who live in another city or country.

Parents will want to receive more attention and care from their children, but they should be patient and in case of quarrel by all means substitute their strong shoulder. As for lovers, in the beginning of December they will have almost no time for meetings, therefore harmony and stability will remain in their relations.

Horoscope of career and finances for December 2017 Cancer

In the first days of December, Cancers will have to put things right in their affairs, because without this further advancement on the career ladder is impossible. Right now, leaders should look closely at their subordinates, because some of them will bring a little chaos into your affairs. Cancers, who occupy an administrative position, during this period should look at their colleagues, some of which act in bad faith.

In addition, as follows from a horoscope for December, Cancers need to be prepared for unexpected checks that may become probable at the beginning of the month. However, in December you should expect very pleasant business meetings, as well as support from friends and influential acquaintances. In the financial sphere, no special events are foreseen: both expenses and revenues will be small.

Horoscope of health for December 2017 Cancer
According to the horoscope for December, this month the energy potential of the Rakov will seriously go down. That’s why representatives of the Zodiac sign Cancer will not feel very good. Try to protect yourself from infections and colds.

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