Horoscope for November 2017 Cancer

The third decade of November 2017, the last period of autumn, will be fruitful for Cancers. They will be able to gather their thoughts, draw up a clear plan of action and rationally use their time and energy. This period of the month will be saturated with different fluid affairs, meetings and issues that need to be resolved on time, and you will not have time to develop strategies and meaningless dreams. But as soon as you figure out the current affairs, you are waiting for a tempting offer that can affect your career. To make things go like clockwork, try not to emphasize the leadership’s attention on your own person. Let the authorities break down and load their own crazy ideas of others. And you have more important things to do. Perhaps not everyone will support you in choosing such a position, but you will increase your productivity several times, and the financial results of your work will be the object of envy for most colleagues at work. After all, while they were arguing, cultivated disputes and conflicts, you worked hard and did not waste time. The most reliable support and rear for the Rakov at the end of November will be their loved and loved people, for the sake of which representatives of your Zodiac sign will work hard. Cancers can safely devote them to their plans, seek support in them and ask for help. The location of Venus suggests an increase in romanticism in relations and has a revelation. Particularly successful in terms of relations, the end of November will be for those couples who could not find a compromise and a common language. During this period they will finally be able to talk out, discuss all the nuances and come to a common solution to the problems. And most importantly, you, will be heard and supported in all your aspirations and endeavors. After all, how much easier it is to go into battle, to throw the fate of a challenge, when behind such a powerful and reliable rear!

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