Horoscope for October 2017 Capricorn

In the third decade of October 2017, under the influence of Venus, Capricorns are waiting for a romantic period in the relationship. Representatives of your Zodiac sign will radiate an incredible attraction and mystery, thanks to which your loved ones will try their best to do something pleasant for you, surprise them and put them to you. By their actions, the companions of Capricorns will become excellent sources of inspiration, strength and energy. The home will be the place for Capricorns, where they will always be listened to, understood and supported where they can rest from all affairs and fuss, gain strength for further achievements. Lonely representatives of your Zodiac sign should be attentive to their surroundings. Someone who has been around all this time loves you for a long time. End of October will give Capricorn many opportunities. You should only learn to control the situation and keep your emotions to yourself. Have a rest and get enough sleep. The best make-up is a healthy and sound sleep.

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