Horoscope for October 2017 Libra

Libra does not strive to link its destiny with any person. They just do not oppress loneliness. They feel great in the company, where all the friends gathered in pairs, and Libra appeared there alone. They do not experience any discomfort. Representatives of your Zodiac sign very carefully and for a long time choose their partner in life, and are rarely mistaken with a choice. This is your big plus. But in the third decade of October 2017, at the very end of the month, under the influence of the aspects of Venus, many Libra will experience a sense of attachment and devotion to the person from their environment. There is a high probability that this circumstance will become the starting point for the creation of a new cell of society. Be attentive to your own feelings and feelings. Family representatives of your Zodiac sign are waiting for a lot of pleasant moments, held in the company of their second half and close friends. The relationship will be beautiful. Pay attention to your wardrobe, it may be time to change something, so that your outfit is always appropriate. Libra is freedom-loving, therefore native and loving people may lack attention on your part. Try to spend more time with your family.

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