Horoscope for October 2017 Sagittarius

The third decade of October 2017 will be especially successful for representatives of creative professions, as a flight of fantasy and dreaminess will fill them with inspiration and fresh ideas. The stars advise you to be cautious and not to believe every word you say, unless it is supplemented by facts or deeds. Words are only words. Believe only what you see, not what you hear, even if you hear exactly what you wanted. In this final period of the month, many Sagittarians are expecting a great offer, agreeing to a chance to take a managerial position or open their own business. In a relationship with a loved one, Sagittarius will fall into place. Sagittarians will receive answers to many questions that have long been of concern to them. Those of you who have doubted the sincerity and authenticity of your partner’s feelings will be convinced that they are truly desired and loved. And those who have long thought of legalizing their relationship, but always stopping something, will make a final decision. Perhaps someone will want to fool you or lie to you, and you will suddenly learn about it, do not be upset and upset, because it is purely out of good intentions. Your loved ones wish you only good and prosperity, so any of your suspicions of their dishonesty and insincerity will be groundless. Lonely Sagittarius, influenced by the aspects of Mars and Venus, at the end of October, fate will present an occasion through which they will experience real and deep feelings.

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