Horoscope for 2018 Aquarius

A person born under the sign of Aquarius, already from January this year, a real man-holiday. Around him, a lot of people will constantly gather, and Aquarius himself will simply pour ideas and creative ideas. This people throughout the year will be innovators, with a great idea and fiction.

True, not always the creativity of Aquarius will be their advantage, because already in March or April 2018 these people risk getting caught in financial fraud and they will be in big trouble.

People born under the sign of Aquarius will rarely agree to work in a team, considering themselves worthy of engaging in more important and accurate work. Especially brightly will be Aquarians in the first half of the year. Glory will come to those who are engaged in creativity or working for themselves, fully responsible for the result and getting the corresponding profit.

In the middle of the year representatives of the sign Aquarius will devote much time to the opposite sex. Their loving relationships attract more like a game, as an opportunity to raise their self-esteem, and also to show their creative abilities. These people can turn a head to many, both to lonely representatives of an opposite sex, and to married people. And this fact can be publicized in August, which can result in injury or even injury to Aquarius. So do not be overconfident and keep your privacy.

In September and October of the Year, Aquarius Dogs will just be in great demand, because their aggressive ideas will be in demand more than ever. With a good business acumen, these people can ensure their existence for a long time only by patents. The truth is how profitable will be autumn, so wasteful. Volodya will not spare money for expensive things, for entertainment and gambling, but believing in his luck, he runs the risk of squandering virtually all of his savings without gaining anything substantial.

In November and December this year, representatives of the sign Aquarius risk falling in love, and in a man who will be absolutely indifferent. This discovery will largely change the very representative of this sign of the Zodiac, letting him know how bad he himself once acted. Aquarius should not use his famous techniques to conquer his object of adoration, but rather honestly confess the sincerity of his feelings, and, perhaps, fate will smile at him and his life will radically change.

Love Horoscope for 2018 Aquarius

Unlike Capricorn, representatives of the sign Aquarius already from the first days of the coming year will enjoy simply rabid popularity with the opposite sex. And Aquarius will not be burdensome at all. This person will always be surrounded by attention and love, but this person will either not experience any real strong feelings, or will have a kind of love that will dissipate a month later like smoke. The person of this sign of the Zodiac in the first half of the year does not need love, because all his impulses and desires are aimed at self-realization, and the opposite sex of Aquarius is considered as an object for sex, as well as a means of promotion or as a sponsor.

The situation will not change too much with the advent of spring. Aquarius will only increase sexual activity, there will be a desire to expand its boundaries, to try something new, but Aquarius does not intend to think about love and at this time. The only people to whom a man of this sign of the Zodiac will experience really sincere and stable feelings will be the parents and children of Aquarius. For the sake of these, the closest people, Aquarius is ready even to give up his own life. The care that their Aquarius will envelop in the end of spring will not go unnoticed.

Approximately in June or July 2018, Volodya may receive an interesting proposal to link his life with a man who is not indifferent to Aquarius himself. The representative of the sign Aquarius has to make a difficult moral choice, because in his heart there is no love, but with the help of marriage he can solve all his financial difficulties and live a prosperous life. There is a high probability that Aquarius will accept this offer. But in the near future, this person may have problems, as the partner will be jealous of Aquarius and even watch his every move, and this will infringe on the self-esteem of this person incredibly.

Already in September-October 2018, Aquarius wants freedom, ease and diversity in sexual life, after which he will have several sexual partners, but the publicity of secret meetings will lead to a break in relations with the partner and the return of Aquarius to the former free life.
Real feelings will visit this person closer to the end of the year, when Aquarius will have feelings for a man whom he knows for a long time. This feeling will in many respects inspire the representative of this sign of the Zodiac and make him create and reveal his creativity. In the summer of next year the couple will decide to register their relationship.

Horoscope of health for 2018 Aquarius

People born under the sign of Aquarius will be rather carefree to their health, but only until a serious illness puts this person in a hospital bed. And it can happen in the middle of spring, when Aquarius becomes ill with pneumonia or another no less dangerous respiratory disease.

In addition, during the summer, Aquarius risks getting alcoholic or toxic poisoning, as excesses in food and alcoholic beverages often endanger the health, and even the life of Aquarius. Autumn months can adversely affect the health of representatives of this sign of the Zodiac, which are involved in harvesting sowing. These people will have problems with the spine and joints, and menisci will also suffer. Do not overload your body and raise excess of the norm of severity.
Horoscope career in 2018 Aquarius

Representatives of this sign of the Zodiac, planning a promotion this year, will mainly rely on the help of influential friends and patrons. True, many Aquarius themselves will have excellent development prospects, if they are engaged in the development of high-tech and computer systems. Not bad chances to declare themselves and even become famous will be among Aquarius, engaged in scientific activities, developments, as well as inventions.

All this suggests that throughout the year, and especially since the summer months, it is better for Aquarians to work outside the collective, because interacting with colleagues, these people will tend to lose all their potential and not find a common language.

At the end of the year, many Aquarians can go to foreign countries to work on the exchange of experience or as part of a contract organization, which will also help to solve many financial problems and gain irreplaceable experience that will surely help to get well in the future.

Financial horoscope for 2018 Aquarius

Representatives of this sign of the Zodiac in 2018 will not be in great need of money. In addition, that they will start this year with a good financial reserve, as well as with a business that brings a good income, these people will be carrying a serious perspective development idea. For the enrichment in the first half of 2018, Aquarians will spend a lot of money on the purchase of equipment, as well as raw materials, which will help them not to feel in need of money throughout the year.

It is worth noting that the expenditure of Aquarius will be equal to their earnings. In addition to investing in business, these people will be sensitive to care for their own children, the training of which will spend a lot of money. A trip to rest in hot countries will also become quite costly for Aquarius. But for their loved ones Aquarians are ready to spend money without regret.
Children’s horoscope for 2018 Aquarius

Very mobile and easy to climb kiddies-Aquarius from the beginning of the year will not cause problems to their parents and seldom will whine over that or another occasion. However, in school these kids will have problems with their studies, and all because of the company, which will often distract these kids from their direct duties.

Children-Aquarius should be given popular science books, more often talk about the technique and structure of the world, because it is very interested and develops any young Aquarius. On this basis, by the way, you can very close to this young creature.

Adult kiddies-Aquarius will disturb their parents, as they risk contacting a bad company and doing bad things. These children can acquire bad habits early. Parents, in this case, should exercise moderate rigor and try to find a language with their child.

Horoscope of travel for 2018 Aquarius

Aquarius at the beginning of the year will look too tired and in need of a peaceful holiday. People born under this sign of the Zodiac at the beginning of the year will prefer exotic, but comfortable enough, and therefore their paths will lie in South America or Southeast Asia, while in our countries there is still snow, and vice versa, in the summer they Can go to the Alps to go skiing and snowboarding. Recreation Aquarius will be well organized and painted every minute to prevent Aquarius and his family from missing a single minute.

True, Aquarius can be found on the southern coast of Russia, especially where there is an opportunity to go in for sailing or diving. Here it is necessary to say that there is a small danger of interaction of Aquarius with water in the middle of the year, and therefore it is worth to be very careful, making sorties to the seabed or going for a walk alone.
Wedding Horoscope for 2018

Romantic and very creative Aquarius will be very difficult to refuse the offer of the hand and heart. No Aquarius will hear the word “no” in response to his offer. But at the same time, from the first months of marriage it becomes clear that Aquarius loves to live easily and without any restrictions. It is this person who will rule in pairs, which means that if something goes not according to his scenario, he will quickly throw a loved one or secretly change.

Ideal for Aquarius romance and daredevil, agreeable to wild and desperate deeds, general sprees and fun. With such a person, Aquarius will not part for anything. The best time for marriage to such couples suited spring and autumn, as well as August 2018. It is worth not to marry or to transfer it to a later month, if it falls at the beginning of the year or the height of summer.

Women’s horoscope for 2018 Aquarius

Girls and women, born under the sign of Aquarius, will strive for love, and in spite of everything. These ladies can even beat off a loved one from a best friend or change with him behind her friend’s back. Spring will encourage these women to get distracted from their favorite pursuits and devote themselves to the kids, who will need Mom very much.

Summer for Aquarius is an excellent time to spend time on the seashore, breathe the sea air, relieving yourself, thereby from a variety of diseases and preventing diseases of the respiratory system.

At the end of the year, these women will receive an excellent proposal to develop their professional activities. The truth in this case will be the question, continue to study the house or devote oneself to the creative profession. Wise Aquarius women will make the right choice.

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