Horoscope for April 2018 Aquarius

The second decade of April 2018 will be marked by multiplying equity and improving welfare. In this period, there is a chance to sign a profitable contract or get a business proposal that will bring significant profits. Some Aquarius in the middle of the month can receive news about an unexpected inheritance or a decent amount of dividends from the shares of some of the distant relatives, and despite the small probability, there is even a chance to win the lottery. As the financial position stabilizes, the stars advise Aquarius to take care of the accomplishment of their home. If you have long wanted to buy a new home appliances or furniture, now is the time. All purchases and acquisitions will have a definite benefit. In this period, there is a chance to defend their rightness in litigation with those who have been concerned about this topic in recent months. You should not forget about your relatives, because in the background of employment and excitement, you can forget about elementary things and homework, than bring a strong insult to your loved ones. Be more attentive to them and get interested in their affairs.

The third decade of April 2018 will be for Aquarius’s quite calm period. You can safely delegate your duties to some of your colleagues, and in the meanwhile take an unplanned vacation or a few extra days off and go with your family for the city. Take with you parents, brothers, sisters and spend unforgettable days in a pleasant circle of the most loved and loved ones, removing all masks from yourselves and leaving all working problems. The influence of the planetary aspects will fill your soul with warm and romantic feelings that you will not hesitate to display in relation to your beloved person. If there were tensions between you before that time, now you have a great opportunity to rehabilitate and smooth the situation, restore confidence and enlighten the senses with a new force. Try not to be too obsessive and do not force events.

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