Horoscope for April 2018 Scorpio

In the second decade of April 2018, the Scorpions will somewhat mend their ambitions and become more prudent. They will no longer run ahead of the locomotive, but will solve the problems as they arrive, thereby substantially facilitating life to themselves and their relatives. Scorpios in this period will review their life principles and moral foundations, as well as change their position, bringing it as close as possible to reality. The middle of April may be somewhat tense in relations with others. The reason for this is the demanding nature of the representatives of your zodiac sign. You need to understand that not everything is close to your image and pace of life, and everyone has the right to decide on their own how to live and which way to choose. Show tolerance in communicating with your loved one, listen to it to the end, respect your opinion and the right to personal space if you are dreaming of freedom yourself.

The third decade of April 2018 for the Scorpions will be the time of relaxation and self-immolation. They will often stay alone with themselves and engage in self-knowledge. This will help practice yoga or meditation. You can also read the works of famous ancient philosophers and psychoanalysts. But if high matters and global issues are far from you, then in everyday life you can find your energy output and do something that relaxes you and delights you. At the end of the month, Scorpions will have a wonderful opportunity to establish relationships with others and strengthen their marriage ties. And lone representatives of your zodiac sign will meet a person who, with one of his presence, will fill his soul with trembling sensations and tenderness.

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