Horoscope for December 2017 Scorpio

In the first half of the month there is a high probability of conflicts between lovers. It is not excluded that quarrels will arise on the basis of material difficulties. If money and love are connected by one thread, nothing good will come of it. The events of December will be a clear confirmation of this rule. The stars say that this month the Scorpions will be able to strengthen relations with relatives.
Perhaps you will meet with relatives who live in another city or country. In addition, the Scorpions can count on an unexpected meeting with a former passion who lives far away.

Horoscope of career and finances for December 2017 Scorpio

First of all, the Scorpions should clarify their financial positions in December. This will not be easy, because it will take a lot of time and energy to resolve disputes in the first half of the month. Although the second half of December will be more positive than the first, only in the last days of the month you will be able to solve all the problems in the financial sphere.

According to the horoscope, in December there will be a positive trend of further development of business relations with foreign and nonresident partners. In the second half of the month, successful negotiations, meetings and trips await you. Scorpios should refine new directions in business and check for professionalism of new employees hired to implement these projects. In early December, Scorpios may face a misunderstanding in the team. As the horoscope says, the situation stabilizes only towards the end of December.

Also, the stars warn the representatives of this Zodiac sign about probable problems in the financial sphere in the first decade of the month. Possible delays in payments, conflicts and disputes with debtors and other troubles related to money. In the second half of December, Scorpios should take matters into their own hands and restore order in money matters. The real success will come only in the last decade of the month, and this requires patience and the ability to bring the business to the end.

Horoscope of health for December 2017 Scorpio
The December horoscope warns the Scorpions of the low energy potential of representatives of this zodiac sign this month. You should not check your body for endurance, it’s worth keeping away from winter infections and colds.

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