Horoscope for January 2018 FISH

January of the year Dogs will pass for most Pisces in a calm environment. Now it is not expected to meet with any troubles, but also an explosion of positive emotions too. It is advisable not to make any sudden movements this month, but to let the events just go on as usual.

Enjoy the peace and tranquility that fate will give you during this period. Also, Pisces is advised to avoid haste in any cases and to calculate any possible consequences of their actions.


It is inconsistency and absent-mindedness that will surely violate your plans and prevent you from reaching your goal. It is worth noting that representatives of this zodiac sign in January should not abuse alcohol, since binge can cause health problems.


Love, family.


In the personal life, many Pisces who are in current relationships or in marriage will smile good luck. In a relationship with a loved one and with loved ones, there will be harmony and no quarrels or conflicts are foreseen. Probably, you will have an opportunity to make a long-awaited large purchase, most likely, it will be real estate. And the lonely representatives of this zodiac sign this month are unlikely to overwhelm love feelings. However, now you will certainly meet a person who in the future will become very important to you. The relationship will develop slowly, but show some patience, because it’s worth it.


Career, finances.

While for other signs of the zodiac, the beginning of the month will be the time of rest, Pisces will have to work hard for glory. Perhaps during the holidays you will get additional work. Do not refuse such an offer, as you not only improve your financial situation, but also strengthen your position elsewhere, which may be needed in the near future. It is possible that the old place of work will stop you from arranging or conflicts will arise. The stars are not advised to stick to this work as the only source of income, but act decisively and you will soon be able to find a job for the soul. Those Pisces who are not yet planning to change their place of work, can now expect an offer of a business trip, which will favorably influence the development of your career. January will be positive and financially sound. Already in the middle of the month your budget can be replenished with a large sum, but in the end of January you are expected to pay large expenses. Pisces is advised not to spend money on trifles and to calculate their expenses, otherwise the consequences will be deplorable.




In January, Pisces will not have cause for concern about health. At the end of the month there may be a risk of catarrhal diseases, however, the prudent representatives of this sign of the zodiac will immediately take up treatment and will quickly get rid of the disease.

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