Horoscope for November 2017 Sagittarius

In the third decade of November 2017, many Sagittarians, under the influence of Mars and Jupiter, will be able to find a new job with decent pay and good working conditions. Many employers, to whom you have long sent a resume, will start to respond and offer favorable terms of cooperation. In other words, you will have plenty to choose from. You can boldly claim even those vacancies whose requirements you do not quite answer. You have every opportunity to get the desired position, so do not lose this chance and use it to the maximum. To those representatives of your zodiacal sign who are satisfied with their position, promise change and career growth. Regardless of what will change in your professional activity, well-being will improve, and the family budget will be fully replenished. The final period of November will be favorable for the opening of own business or some other undertakings. At this time, you can safely embark on the implementation of your plans and ideas. In relations, Sagittarians in this period should be more lenient and patient. Try to find compromise solutions that would satisfy both you and your partner. He will see that you support him and go forward, and will soon ease his pressure. At the end of the month the relationship is harmonized, and you can relax again and enjoy a quiet family life. Try to go out together more often in crowded places, attend cultural and entertainment events, it will direct your energy in the right direction and make relations deeper. Lonely Sagittarius should not direct all their efforts to make an acquaintance, which will smoothly move into a strong relationship, everything has its time, be patient.

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