Horoscope for October 2017 Cancer

The third decade of October 2017 for the Cancers working in the organization will bring many opportunities that will help to prove yourself from the best side and prove yourself to the authorities as a wonderful professional. The main thing is that all your actions, decisions and statements are not chaotic, because everywhere and everywhere there must be strict order and sequence of actions. Only in this way you can reach those heights you dream about. In relations, Raki will be more restrained and cooler than usual. Do not let yourself completely ignore your soul mate. Try at least once a week to please a loved one with some pleasant surprise. This will help to maintain your feelings and relationships, and also will save you from unreasonable scenes of jealousy. Want to be alone with yourself, make a pleasant surprise or gift to your chosen one, show that he cares for you and go about your business. To you no complaints. Be smarter. Lonely Cancers should not rush to assume responsibility, entering into a serious relationship. You still need time to understand whether your person is a person or not. Stars advise Cancers not to be too categorical and give others the right to vote. Try to listen to the opinion of your loved ones and relatives, even if in the final analysis the last word is yours.

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