Horoscope for October 2017 Pisces

In the third decade of October 2017, Pisces will have many brilliant ideas, with which it will be necessary to acquaint all who could help in their implementation. Try not to postpone decisions and accomplishments, so that later on you do not suddenly stop at the last moment and do not disrupt the time. Do not delegate your own authority to any of your colleagues. They will not fulfill them as you will. Avoid credit relations with banks, they will be on conditions that are not entirely favorable for you. If it concerns investment or opening of a deposit account, then it is better to consider this issue at the end of October. The situation will not develop the way you want, but in your hands do everything to make the circumstances work for you. Pisces in the third decade will need to deal with all the accumulated cases, so as not to spoil the everyday problems of relations with a loved one. In general, the relationship will be very positive. You are loved, and you are loved. Try to spend more time together and more often on people. Family representatives of your Zodiac star sign, influenced by the aspects of Venus, are advised to please their partner with a pleasant surprise in the form of a romantic dinner or tickets for a concert of your favorite artist.

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