Horoscope for October 2017 Scorpio

In the third decade of October 2017, your efforts and hard work will be appreciated at work, so you can expect an increase in wages or promotion. Those Scorpions, who have long wanted to open their own business and have already prepared for this event, will be lucky with potential investors. But do not be naive and agree to the first sentence. Take time out for reflection. You now have many chances to break a big jackpot. Let and not in monetary equivalent. Family representatives of your Zodiac sign at the end of the month need to revive the relationship. How to do this, it’s up to you. Perhaps it will be a romantic trip or just dinner in an expensive restaurant, or maybe simple walks under the moon. Regardless of what you choose, consider the preferences of your partner in life. He will thank you for your attention and care, as well as for your feelings, which do not fade with age, but only become stronger and deeper. Lonely representatives of the sign of the Zodiac sign Scorpio should not be hammered by thoughts about the creation of a family or the beginning of a serious relationship. The more you think about it, the less chance you have to meet your destiny. But the movement of Venus during this period suggests that in the final period of October there will be an opportunity to start a relationship with a person who will enter your life for a long time.

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