Horoscope for October 2017 Taurus

In the third decade of October 2017, Taurus is waiting for excellent results in business negotiations with potential investors. Attracting new customers and patrons will be rewarded. In the final period of the month, you can wait for the order to transfer to a higher position or raise the salary. With finances, you do not have problems. But try not to spend much money during this period. It is better to start saving and rejoice in a weighty acquisition closer to the new year. Try to stay out of all discussions, quarrels and conflicts. They do not need you now. Direct all your energy to achieve your goals and increase professionalism. Do not forget about business etiquette. You have a great sense of humor, but tell all your most exclusive jokes to your friends, not at a meeting. In the sphere of love, Taurus will be luckier than any other sign of the Zodiac. And all because Taurus are so realistic that they do not harbor any illusions and do not embellish their potential partners. They are well versed in people, so the relationship that will be tied up in this period, will be very promising. Family representatives of your zodiac sign expect pleasant changes at home, related to the change of the interior and pleasant surprises from a loved one. You, in turn, need to be more patient and not afraid to go beyond the mouth

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