Horoscope for 2018 Leo

The representative of Lviv in 2018 will be more than ever single-minded and ready for anything for the sake of the final result. Moreover, people born under this sign of the Zodiac will come to a qualitatively new level of life, which will be especially noticeable on personal relations Lviv. On them, people are a sign of the lion and will make the main accent this year.

Already in March and April 2018, Leo will not survive the lightest period in personal relationships. This person will not hide from the problems, and will do everything to maintain a relationship with a loved one.

Moreover, the Lions themselves will be surprisingly true this year, but they will demand the same from their partner. With a dilemma, when you have to decide to forgive or not forgive your partner’s cheating, Leo will make the right decision and give another chance to your loved one.

With the beginning of the summer, the Lion will have to plunge into the development of his own professional activity, moreover, it is necessary to act hard and uncompromisingly. Only in this way it will be possible to avoid problems with the manual and perform all available settings. This will necessarily affect the career growth and wages of people sign Leo by the beginning of autumn, however, will seriously affect the health of these people.

In any case, with the advent of September, the Lions need to take care of their health, because the vitality of these people has practically dried up, and the state of the nervous system hints that the representative of this sign of the Zodiac urgently needs rest and recovery. Ideally, the Lions should go on vacation, do what they love and devote themselves to the problems of the family. As a recovery, the Lions are more likely to arrange shopping, think about building a house or repairing.

By the way, in the period from September to the end of November 2018, there is a graceful time for financial transactions and spending. The purchases that the Lions will make at the end of the year will be very profitable and will necessarily pay off in the near future. In addition, the Lions will spend a lot of money on their own re-qualification and training their children.

At the end of the year the people of the Leo sign have every chance to change their future. This person can marry or get married, change the country of residence or quit his job to become an individual entrepreneur. By the way, it is acting individually, fully responsible for the result of his work and receiving a net profit, the lion will be most motivated for development and will be able to develop as much as possible in the near future.

Love Horoscope for 2018 Leo

People born under the sign of Leo will often look for easy ways in 2018, and therefore it is not at all surprising that their partners often become representatives of weaker moral signs such as Cancer, Pisces or Libra. With these people, Lions will always be kings of the position, which they will be able to demonstrate already in the first months of the coming year. Lions will become real gurus, teachers and unquestioned authorities for their partners. About loyalty in this situation, and there can be no question, because the Lion will fully control the situation and will not tolerate disobedience in his address.

Representatives of the Leo sign will not experience a feeling of love in the first half of the year, but will only use the situation in which they love them. This will manifest itself in couples where a person born under the sign of Leo will behave like a capricious child or as a gentleman who is around everything. Such an ambiguous situation, in the absence of feelings and mutual understanding, can quickly bring the pair to the brink of separation. Lions need to learn how to alternate a stick with a carrot, and even taking love and care from a loved one, to show a feeling of tenderness and gratitude. In this case, the Lions in 2018, nothing is threatened.

A completely different relationship in the love sphere is expected by the representative of the Leo sign from the end of May and the beginning of June 2018. The fact is that the Lion, whose instincts will wake up, will become incredibly active in the love sphere. This person will become very sensitive and at the beginning of the summer the Lion can really fall in love, which will become a revelation even for himself. Feelings that people will experience this sign of the Zodiac will be so strong that, despite the existing status, the presence or absence of a loved one nearby, the Lion will plunge into the abyss of passion and the heat can simply break the already existing relationship. The peculiarity of this love is that the Leo risks falling in love with a sign even stronger and stubborn, in Aries or Capricorn, which in the coming months will turn this true Lion into a affectionate kitten. This person will become affectionate and attentive, caring and courteous, fulfilling all the whims of his beloved and completely submitting to him.

In this respect, the autumn of 2018 is very interesting, because there are all chances that the new beloved Leo does not need feelings at all and this person can throw Leo at any time. Autumn can be a very dangerous time, because Lions are terrible in a fit of anger and can easily overstep this little step from love to hatred.

Towards the end of the year, the Lion Dogs will depart somewhat from the love relationship. Even in families where nothing broke the peace and peace of the couple, the Lions will look somewhat tired of the relationship, often will give the initiative in the hands of a partner. More energy these people will direct towards their own children, trying to catch up and make contact with their beloved children.

Horoscope of health for 2018 Lion

Lions will enter in 2013 physically strong people. They will not be disturbed by viral infections, the maximum that these people can tolerate, it’s a runny nose and an easy cold. But, treating carelessly to one’s own health and believing in his fortress, Lions can break the regime, work without rest, overloading the body, which in the end will dramatically weaken the immunity by the end of the summer.

Since that time, Lviv can pursue problems with joints, as well as exacerbate gastritis. By the way, the state of the stomach unequivocally hints at the fact that if you do not revise your diet and do not take a sparing diet, in the near future this person may have a stomach ulcer.
At the end of the year, it is worthwhile to be cautious, since Mars, aggressively acting on the Leo health sector, will increase the risk of injury.
Horoscope career in 2018 Leo

Representatives of the Leo sign in the year of the Dog will be aimed at success, and, as such, the authorities will no longer attract the Lion. At this time, he likes peace and constant development, as well as financial profit. That is why in the spring there will be a lot of Lviv, thinking about private business, about independent development, especially in those areas that are close in spirit to the man of this sign of the Zodiac.

From the end of spring and the beginning of summer it will become clear that the most successful in this difficult year will be the Lions, who independently organize the entire production process. Those of the representatives of Lviv, who already developed rapidly and grew up in the corporation, have every chance to climb one more step higher. These people will be real ideological centers, since it is the Lions that will most successfully act in the conditions of the global crisis and these people will develop and will be able to successfully implement many creative ideas. Of course, it should be mentioned that the success of Leo will largely depend on the help and support of the team. True, this person will always be able to find an approach to people.

Financial horoscope for 2018 Leo

Representatives of the sign Leo in 2018 will have many opportunities in one fell swoop to solve all of their financial problems. The main thing is to react correctly to the opportunities that are opening up. With the activity with which the Lions will begin this year, they have a great chance to get a higher-paid position. Moreover, even in the first half of the year, Lviv will have a chance to risk a large sum of money for the opportunity to dramatically increase it. With a well-developed intuition and no fear of taking risks, Lions have all the chances to be enriched.

To the negative sides of this year is to include the passion of Lviv with gambling and binge life. Getting into entertainment places, Leo will spend money not counting, that in many respects and will empty his pockets. Moreover, many Lions without a twinge of conscience will lend large sums of money to their friends and acquaintances, naively believing that the money will return to them at the appointed time.
Children’s horoscope for 2018 Leo

Small Lvov already from the first days of the new 2018 will demonstrate their pride and independence, as well as showing independence beyond their years. With these kids, parents can have a lot of problems, as bully and badminton, they can often make fights and play tricks on their peers. In addition, in the first half of the year parents should teach their children to respect adults.

In the summer, a lion will be a joker and a company ringleader, but will often commit misconduct for which parents can scold him. In addition, adult children-lions already at this age can try to smoke and drink low-alcohol drinks, which parents should find and cut off in time, in order to avoid unpleasant consequences.

In November and December, parents should find employment for their child, come up with an enthusiasm for this kid to develop in the right direction and not get on the “crooked path”.

Horoscope of travel for 2018 Leo

Representatives of Lviv will thoroughly approach the possibility of traveling this year. Lions will not do without a warm and noisy company, and even if the rest will go only with his family, he will certainly find friends directly on vacation. For travel these people will prefer to combine comfortable rest at the hotel with frequent departures for mountain rafting, rafting or with flying on a hang glider. Lions will go to the mountains with pleasure or will be engaged in mountaineering or tourism.

In the second half of the year, business lions are becoming more active. These people will make many business trips around Europe, which means they can attend the Haute Couture Week in Milan or visit Notre-Dame de Paris in Paris. Passion for Lviv will be shopping, which means that these people can be found in any of the European megalopolises, famous for their fashion houses.
Wedding Horoscope for 2018 Leo

Representatives of the Leo sign in 2018 will decide for themselves whether to marry them or not, and since these people greatly value their freedom and calculate all the options in advance, it is worth waiting that they will not rush to a serious decision until they become thoroughly convinced of their loyalty and Honesty of the partner. The main stream of Lviv visiting the registry office will be in the second half of the year, and there will often be cases in which the Lions may refuse this event just before the wedding.

Marriage with Leo will not be the easiest from the first days, because with the demanding Leo it’s very difficult to get used to. But if you reconcile yourself to all the demands of this person and regularly praise the Lion, admire his successes and achievements, you can quickly find the key to the heart of this man. The right time for the wedding is from September to December inclusive. Beware of marrying in February and March 2018.

Women’s horoscope for 2018 Leo

Lioness from the first days of this troubled year will look business-like independently. These women will start to avoid men, perhaps because of their categorical and stern temper, but, in fact, falling in love, these ladies will become meek cats. A strong feeling will visit these women in the middle of spring, which will affect their career growth, as well as their family, which the Lion women can forget for a while. But the burning passion will also go away quickly, as it came, and therefore Lioness in 2018 will leave behind many broken hearts.

Women of this sign of the Zodiac will spend a lot of time abroad, being in constant movement, perhaps working or traveling. The passion of this representative of the weaker sex will be expensive jewelry, a large number of which will be given to her, and she herself will spend a lot on their acquisition.

Near the end of the year, the Lioness will swallow up the work, because there will be good prospects for self-realization, which these women will not miss.

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