Horoscope for September 2017 Leo

In personal life, no important events are foreseen. At the beginning of the month everything will go smoothly and calmly. However, in the last ten days of September, as the horoscope says in September, Leo may face problems in the family or with the resumption of the old quarrel. Although it will not be catastrophic, it can give you minor troubles.

Horoscope of career and finance for September 2017 Leo

The slogan of Lviv in September will be the phrase: “Less words, but more business.” Representatives of this sign of the Zodiac should stop wasting their time on empty talk and take up the strengthening of their professional and financial situation.

It is possible that you will be able to conclude a profitable contract and make a profit from the work done previously. Employees have a chance to move up the career ladder or move to a new job. The first half of the month will be especially favorable for solving professional issues.

At the end of September, things will not go so smoothly: businessmen may have difficulties with inspectors, and employees are at risk of encountering the envy of their colleagues at work. There may also be some disagreements with foreign partners, but you will be able to overcome them easily. On a material level, the horoscope for September promises Lions full well-being. Money will come to you steadily.

Horoscope of health for September 2017 Leo
If we talk about health, then the horoscope for September does not promise representatives of the sign of the Zodiac Leo no diseases. Your energy potential will be on top. However, all drivers and people traveling on trips should be very cautious in the third decade of the month, as there is a high probability of getting into an accident.

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