Horoscope for 2018 Libra

Representatives of the sign of Libra will set a goal to qualitatively improve their lives this year, and hence, from the first days of 2018, this person will try to remove all the negative factors that somehow affect the physical condition of this person. Most Libra decide to change the current, nervous work for a more peaceful. It will be caused by the fact that the tension, firstly, affects the health of the representative of the Libra sign, and secondly, creates serious problems in relations with the beloved person.

Already in March and April 2018, having failed to find a common language, Libra risks parting with a loved one, which will make this person seriously worry and, finally, make a decision about changing jobs or positions. It is very favorable for Libra their desire to develop creatively. Perhaps, it was this path that should be followed to the tops of the people of this sign of the Zodiac. In addition, the update that will take place in Libra itself, will force these people to fight for their love, and this person will make many attempts to regain the lost relationship.

If Libra wholeheartedly want to achieve something in this difficult year, then they need not be afraid to risk big. This applies to both financial means and lines of conduct. In the summer of 2018 these people will have a chance to show how lucky they are and what kind of inner core they have. Only by proving one’s sincerity, steadfastness, loyalty and devotion, as well as the ability to achieve success, Libra can expect to return the former love.

With the onset of autumn, Libra, especially the young people of this sign, should definitely be examined, because promiscuous sexual relations can threaten these people with serious venereal diseases that are difficult to treat. The eyes also need to be examined, because constantly deteriorating eyesight clearly hints at the existing serious problems with the body.

In November and December 2018, Libra should behave as carefully as possible and do not trust unfamiliar people. There is a possibility that Libra will succumb to the ruse in an instant, investing in an interesting, in their opinion, enterprise. In fact, representatives of this sign of the Zodiac risk to seriously suffer from the actions of swindlers and get involved in a futile trial. Evaluating the past year, Libra will be able to enter it into his asset, but will note it as an extremely difficult and nervous time.

Love Horoscope for 2018 Libra

A rather diverse year in terms of love relations is to live and representatives of the sign Libra. People of this sign, whatever they do, from the very beginning of the year will be simply shrouded in love and will themselves warm up these feelings. Family Scales will achieve incredible harmony in the relationship, which will help them to get even closer with the partner, to discover a loved one from the new side. In general, the first cold months of the year will wrap Libra face to family, to care for which this person will spend all his time.

Lonely Libra from the first months of 2018 will attempt to find their soul mate. This process will be delayed, because representatives of this described sign of the Zodiac will have high demands on the partner. Libra is looking for a man of unusual, sublime with a wide outlook and a rich inner world. It is worth mentioning that in pursuit of their ideal, these people risk losing their sincere feelings and so until the end of the year and not create a strong pair.

Already in the summer Libra can meet a man with a philosophical view of life, a man who will become for Libra the meaning of their lives. This is the time when Libra will be most vulnerable to other people’s influence and the further fate of people of this sign of the Zodiac depends on how much this influence is positive. Some Libra can give in to an impulse and follow their loved ones to succumb to the study of Kabbalah. It should be noted that the representatives of the sign of Libra during this period will be the most faithful to their beloved person, and hence the most manageable.

These qualities partner Libra will be enough in the fall, when Libra themselves feel the need for new acquaintances and flirting. It is very likely that the representative of the Libra sign will begin to flirt at work, where he will pay attention to his younger colleagues, because in autumn, in addition to the sexual sphere in Libra, the desire to be the first to teach, instruct, and fill the entire human space is maturing.

Quite disturbing in this sense will be October, November and December 2018, because Libra is increasingly giving rise to suspicion, lingering at work, and often disappearing without explaining the reasons. The existing treason can be revealed by the middle of autumn, and Libra, in this case, risk to refuse in a very difficult situation, as they will lose their means of subsistence, patronage and powerful support of the once beloved person. End of the year these people can meet in solitude, and attempts, if not to find love, then at least get settled in the life of a secured person.

Horoscope of health for 2018 Libra

People born under the sign of Libra from the beginning of 2018 will work hard and painstakingly, which will not give reason to think about the state of health only in the first 2-3 months. At a later time, fatigue, and, in particular, a nervous situation will often expose a representative of Libra to a stressful situation. Frequent nerve strains will affect both the general tone of the body, which will drop dramatically, and can trigger a number of diseases of the cardiovascular system and the gastrointestinal tract. In addition, already at the end of spring or the first summer months of the summer, Libra will have hypertension or vegetative-vascular dystonia, which will require long-term treatment of these people and even a break from work.

Stars advise people of this sign of the Zodiac to find a good specialist and undergo qualitative treatment, because Libra because of employment may not be cured. Rest is better planned for August or September of this year, to go through the period of the disease with minimal losses and quickly recover.
Horoscope career in 2018 Libra

The career growth of representatives of the sign of Libra in 2018 will abound with ups and downs. This can happen because the executive and rather promising representative of the Libra sign, having easily achieved a leading position, washes to start abusing power and using his position for personal purposes. The publicity of these illegal actions in the middle of the year will inevitably lead to the dismissal, and even to the criminal prosecution of this person.

More successful in terms of career will be those of Libra, who last year and the first half of the current year was engaged in creativity. These Libra will have a great chance to show the world their talent and become quite popular, which will have the most favorable effect on further career development.

Financial horoscope for 2018 Libra

People born under the sign of Libra, in this difficult year will be treated to finance, and to life easily, without hesitation wasting their savings and not counting the earned. Libra will have many promising projects, thanks to the development of which they will provide themselves financially, or simply selling their own ideas.

Throughout the year, Libra will reach out to people secured, appear in the circles of businessmen, thanks to the friendship and patronage of which representatives of Libra and will live this year quite carelessly. Moreover, in the middle of the year Libra will go on vacation, where they will not buy up on comfortable apartments. In addition, Libra will spend a lot of money on their bad habits and their weaknesses, that is, there will appear those expenses that could be avoided, have Libra sufficient willpower.
Children’s horoscope for 2018 Libra

Small Scales already in the first months of the year Dogs will surprise their parents with adult utterances and reasonably reasonable arguments for their age. With these babies you need to study in a special way. It is worthwhile to lean on mathematical hobbies and games, for example, to write the Kids-Libra in a chess circle.

In the summer, the children of the scales may differ in self-indulgence, which will bring a lot of trouble to their parents. Scammers, Libra can become organizers and leaders of children’s and youth groups, for which they can even get registered in the inspection of juvenile affairs. With these babies it is worthwhile to talk carefully and find out what they lack. Most likely, this child lacks parental warmth.

At the end of the year, one should fear respiratory diseases and also viruses due to weakened immunity, because Libra can ignore the words of parents and not wear, for example, a headdress. Parents should monitor the fulfillment of their requests, acting by the “carrot and stick” method.

Horoscope of travel for 2018 Libra

Representatives of the Libra sign will begin to study the variants of their journey from the first months. Especially this event will be important in the light of that, a hundred journey it will be a wedding. Versatile soul Libra, will require a rich holiday, full of adventures and pleasant surprises. Therefore, in their holiday, which Libra will spend with your loved one, on some remote island in Oceania, or off the coast of Spain, they will try to include a lot of entertainment, including diving, boat trips, sea fishing or studying the life of the local population.

However, all Libra will be fans of active entertainment. Many people born under this sign of the Zodiac will spend their journey in Europe or Asia, studying customs, visiting museums, oriental markets of exotic countries and making expensive but very exclusive purchases.
Wedding horoscope for 2018 Libra

Representatives of the Libra sign will try to avoid marriage in all possible ways, even with a loved one. Reluctance to officially register relationships and fearing to destroy the existing idyll, will pursue almost all people born under the sign of Libra. Only the threat of parting with a partner or the news that the couple is scheduled to add, to make these people register their relationship.

Meanwhile, the rich sexuality of these people will require the partner to constantly develop in the sexual sphere. Otherwise, the scales can begin to change to their partners after half a year of living together. The best time for the wedding will be spring and summer, but in the autumn months and closer to the end of the year you should not agree to a wedding, as the relationship in this case may collapse early next year.

Women’s horoscope for 2018 Libra

Libra women from the first months of 2018 will want to feel weak and defenseless, for which they will completely rely on their man. The beginning of the year for them will be quite a serene time, but with the advent of spring everything can abruptly change. The fault will be the discord in the family, caused by the suspicion of men living with Libra, in treason. These women will make scandals and be jealous of their men, put ultimatums and pray to think, but still this pair will not be together.

Since mid-summer, these women will pay more attention to themselves, their appearance. Many of them will agree to plastic surgery, and will take care of their food, because by the autumn some women of the Libra sign will find obesity.

The end of the year is suitable for meeting with a person who will help this woman to open all her potential in love.

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